Frequently Asked Questions


What is Vaissel?

Vaissel is the first Web3 productivity app that gamifies study, work, and meditation.

What is Base?

Base is a secure, low-cost, developer-friendly Ethereum L2 built by Coinbase. We plan to launch on Base first, but we are actively exploring the possibility of expanding to other chains.

What is Focus-to-Earn?

Focus-to-Earn is an effective approach that employs gamification elements to motivate and engage users, thus promoting productivity. This approach encourages users to concentrate their attention and energy on completing specific tasks or activities by offering them incentives and rewards upon successful completion.

How can I register a Vaissel account?

You can register account in Vaissel app. Once registered, You can conveniently log in to view their Vaissel Points.

How long will the Chronos Phase run for?

The duration of the Chronos Phase can vary based on various factors, including the complexity of the features and the number of features being tested. Rest assured that we are committed to building Vaissel to the best of our abilities, and we will notify our users as soon as we are ready to progress to the next phase of development.

Vaissel Points

What are my Vaissel Points?

Vaissel Points is a system designed to measure and track the progress of testers in Vaissel. These points can be earned by performing daily transactions or identifying and reporting bugs.

What is the difference between Vaissel Points and Zealy Points?

Vaissel Points are designed to monitor user progress and achievements within the app, reflecting their engagement and success within its ecosystem. On the other hand, Zealy Points are specifically intended to track contributions made by users outside the app, recognizing their valuable contributions to the broader community. It is important to note that Vaissel Points and Zealy Points are independent of each other and serve distinct purposes. However, users who earn both types of points will be rewarded with exclusive airdrops for their comprehensive involvement.

How do I earn Vaissel Points?

To earn Vaissel Points, you can perform daily transactions within the Vaissel. These transactions may include activities such as claiming faucet tokens or staying focused. By completing these transactions, you can accumulate Vaissel Points that reflect your level of activity and engagement.

What can Vaissel Points be used for?

Vaissel Points serve as a measure of the user's progress as a tester. However, it is important to note that they hold no monetary value and are solely intended to provide an indicator of the user's performance during the testing process.


Why hasn't my ranking updated?

The leaderboard updates periodically and is not in real-time. This means that the information displayed on the leaderboard may not always reflect the most up-to-date activity and progress of users. However, the leaderboard still provides a useful measure of user engagement and performance within the Vaissel, and can serve as a motivator for users to increase their activity and compete with others.

How do I report bugs?

Providing feedback and reporting bugs is a valuable contribution to the ongoing improvement of the Vaissel. To facilitate this, we encourage you to open tickets in our discord server to report bugs and leave feedback. If the feedback or bug report is deemed valuable, you will receive Vaissel Points as a reward for their contribution.